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FreeBSD / OPNsense / pfSense Development Builds

This directory contains binary development builds.

Adding the ntop Repository

Before installing ntop packages, you need to add the official ntop repository.

  • FreeBSD 15 / pfSense (latest release, based on FreeBSD 15)

    pkg add https://packages.ntop.org/FreeBSD/FreeBSD:15:amd64/latest/ntop-1.0.pkg

  • FreeBSD 14 / pfSense (latest release, based on FreeBSD 14)

    pkg add https://packages.ntop.org/FreeBSD/FreeBSD:14:amd64/latest/ntop-1.0.pkg

  • FreeBSD 13 / OPNsense (latest release, based on FreeBSD 13)

    pkg add https://packages.ntop.org/FreeBSD/FreeBSD:13:amd64/latest/ntop-1.0.pkg

  • Installing ntop Packages

    Once the ntop repository has been added, you can run the following commands (as root) to install ntop Packages:

    pkg install nprobe ntopng n2disk


    As ntopng is part of FreeBSD makes sure that you install the ntop packaged version and not the one packaged with FreeBSD (and thus obsolete).

    Running ntop Packages

    Below you can read how to start ntopng. Similar steps are necessary for nprobe and n2disk. Do (as root):

    1. Make sure ntopng and redis (used by ntopng) are enabled

      sysrc redis_enable="YES" sysrc ntopng_enable="YES"

    2. Make sure redis is up and running

      service redis start

    3. Finally start ntopng

      service ntopng start

    Manuals: Mastering ntop Tools

    • OPNsense
    • pfSense/FreeBSD
      Please refer to the user's guides for more information about ntop tools usage and configuration.

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