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Debian / Ubuntu / CentOS / Rocky / AlmaLinux (x64)

Raspbian / rPi OS bookworm_pi/bullseye_pi (arm64)
buster_pi (arm32)

Windows (x64)

macOS (x64/AppleSilicon)

FreeBSD / OPNsense / pfSense (x64)


Most software work without licenses. However some components need a license. They include:

  • PF_RING ZC user-space libraries
  • nProbe, nProbe Agent, and nProbe Cento (NetFlow/IPFIX probe)
  • n2disk (packet to disk application)
  • ntopng (web-based network traffic analysis)
  • ntopng Edge (web-based traffic policer) [currently available Ubuntu]
  • nScrub (Software-based DDoS Mitigation)
  • ntap (Software network tap for physical/virtual systems and containers)

You can find more info on the ntop site, or purchase licenses on the ntop e-shop

For Universities

We remind you that all ntop products are available at no cost to universities, no-profit, and research.