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Ubiquity Development Builds

This directory contains binary development builds.

Installing nProbe on EdgeRouter X (ER-X)

  1. Connect to your EdgeRouter box:

    ssh ubnt@<your EdgeRouter Lite device IP address>

  2. Download the nProbe package from this directory. Example:

    cd /tmp curl -O https://packages.ntop.org/Ubiquity/EdgeRouterX/nprobe_9.X.XXXXXX-XXXX_mipsel.deb

  3. Install the Downloaded package. Example:

    dpkg -i /tmp/nprobe_9.X.XXXXXX-XXXX_mipsel.deb

Running nProbe

Please refer to the nProbe User's Guide for more information.

You need an nProbe Embedded license in order to operate nProbe on Ubiquity Devices.

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